Frequently asked questions

Do you have an app-ads.txt or ads.txt string?

As part of our continued commitment to comply with industry-wide fraud and transparency practices, we require publishers to include our app-ads.txt and ads.txt strings to guarantee safe and compliant programmatic monetisation across our Marketplace. You will not be able to access SuperAwesome's growing programmatic demand without it.

Please follow the instructions below to access your unique ads.txt string:

1. On the AwesomeAds dashboard homepage, click your name in the top right corner here:

2. In the dropdown menu, click 'Settings' here:

3. At the bottom of the page, you will see a section called 'ads.txt'. This is your ads.txt string

4. Copy and paste the ads.txt string into your ads.txt or app-ads.txt file.

Ensure you copy the entire string exactly as it is in the settings page in AwesomeAds, as every publisher will have a string ID unique to them.

For more information on Ads.txt or app-ads.txt please see the following documentation from the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau):



What is the Ads.txt project?

Why are there no ads linked to my placements?

There could be a few reasons:

  1. Your account is not yet live. Ads only link to your placement once you are live in the AwesomeAds marketplace. Speak to your account manager to move this forward

  2. The placement tag is dormant. This occurs when the placement does not see any requests for 7 days. In order to refresh the placement all you need to do is load the tag (either in-app or in an online HTML editor/tag tester)

  3. There are currently no creatives for that format. Most of AwesomeAds demand is video-based, meaning that some display formats only get occasional demand (e.g. Billboards). Get in touch with your SuperAwesome account manager to ask about how you can optimise your formats

Should I use the TV Video or Video format?

If you are integrating an OTT service into our app, you should use the TV Video format. For everything else, please use the Video format

Why are there no impressions in X country?

SuperAwesome's main markets are English speaking countries, so this is where the majority of monetisation will happen. We also run activity across the whole of North America, Europe, LATAM, and APAC; however there may be times where we have no campaigns in some smaller countries. Let your account manager know and they may be able to update you on upcoming campaigns in certain geo's.

What factors affect my fill rate?

Our adserver optimises around price and performance. The cheaper and higher performing placement's will see a slightly better fill rate.

Fill rate can also be influenced by campaign variables, such as:

  • Geo

  • Format

  • Device

  • Age & Demographic

  • CPM

  • Compliance