Additional features

use the fallback slot to show a house ad

SuperAwesome does not guarantee 100% fill rate, in order to best engage your users, you may decide to use a fallback creative or tag that serves when we do not have an impression to show.

Next to the placement tags, there is a small cog that allows you to edit the placement tag details and set the fallback creative or tag:

use Awesomeads to run your own media campaigns on your app/site

You can also use AwesomeAds as an adserver to run a campaign you have sold directly. This will allow you to report on the same metrics as SuperAwesome demand, and optimise your campaigns using our dashboard. Contact your account manager if you'd like to know more.

run activity across our entire kid safe marketplace

If you have marketing budget and would like to buy media across our kid-safe marketplace, get in touch with your account manager, who will connect you to our Sales team to provide a proposal.

access Awesomeads reporting via api

We have an AwesomeAds reporting API to allow you to plug our reporting numbers into your systems. Contact your account manager to access the documentation