creating placements for your App

In order to run AwesomeAds demand on your platform, you will need to create placements for each format. Follow the next steps in order to do this:

In 'Apps & Sites' on the navigation bar, you'll see a blank page with 'Create a New app/site' in the top right. Click this in order to start setting up your placements.

1. Give your app a name.

2. Choose the correct property type, ensuring that the bundle is the same as in the app stores.

3. Choose the age and demographic that suits your platform best, two age choices ensures you will get the most relevant advertising for your users.

4. Choose whether all ads are approved by default (recommended), or if you'd like to approve every ad that runs.

Once saved, you'll see the app in the list. Now you need to create your placements. To create your placements, click '+ ADD A NEW PLACEMENT' next to the app name.

1. Choose which type of placement to create, Video placements are found under a filter at the top.

Remember to name your placement appropriately, so you'll recognize it in reporting.

Video Placements

Please use the standard video tag for in-app placements. We recommend only implementing Video tags in rewarded placements, as they are measured on VCR. For skippable placements, we recommend using Interstitial placements.

Once created, you will see the placements under your app.

1. A unique placement ID in order to call the tag using the SDK, or report on placement level performance.

2. The Number of live ads that have been linked to the placement. This will be 0 until you are live.

3. Generate the placement tags for the placement

4. Edit the details of the placement, set up a fallback creative or tag, or preview the placement in a live setting

Tip: Use an informative name for your placements, this is the easiest way to differentiate between them

testing your placement tags before going live:

Before we can switch on live monetization, we need to test that the placements are set up correctly. We will run a capped campaign at 0$ CPM in order to view a kidsafe in-house ad campaign every time. Once it's confirmed that the setup is correct, your account manager will turn on live monetisation.

To set up a test campaign and go live, follow the next steps:

Click 'Get placement tags' in order to see the auto-generated tags for each unique tag.

You can use then use the test video tag for testing purposes, just copy and paste the below tag into your website source code. You must ensure that the test=true parameter is removed from the tag when you are ready to run live campaigns.

Once you’ve created your tags, reach out to your AM to set up the test campaign.

Once your placement tags have been tested with the support of your Account Manager, use the VAST or JS tag in order to tap into real-time demand.

See below for the additional information needed when setting up tags for video.

Note: tags will be activated by your Account Manager so ensure this has been set this up before sending live requests.

Additional information is needed at the end of each video placement’s unique VAST tag: