The AwesomeAds dashboard provides you with a full reporting suite so you can best track all metrics from the ads running on your platform. In the reporting dashboard you can either create ad hoc reports, or set up scheduled reports that are automatically sent to you via email.

When creating a custom report, you will see the following report generator tool:

1. Set the date range you'd like to report on, this can either be relative (e.g. last month), or static (1st-10th of Feb)

2. Choose the keys you'd like to report on. Keys that we use the most are: Day (for a daily breakdown based on your date range), hour (for anhourly breakdown of performance), and placement.

3. Choose the metrics for the previous keys, you cannot report on any metrics that require a persistent identifier, however you can track performance and reach metrics. Metrics we use the most are: Requests, Ads Attempted, Impressions, and Revenue

4. Select which timezone you'd like to see the report in

5. Filter the keys that you have previously chosen e.g. only show specific placement ID's, formats, or devices.

Once run, you can save the report for ease of access or to get it sent to you regularly, click Save in the top right of the results page, choose a name, and it will show in the reporting main menu where you can schedule it to be sent automatically to your email address

Tip: You can use the URL to link to any report you've created and show other users