Why Awesomeads?

DATA COMpliance

AwesomeAds is the only ad platform on the planet designed specifically to be compliant with COPPA & GDPR-K and other data privacy laws that protect kids. As a zero-data adserver, it was built to ensure no personal data is collected on the user. This means zero risk of breaking child-directed regulations.

CAP & CAru compliance

In addition to data privacy compliance, we also ensure that all ad content that runs through our platform is compliant with the relevant ad guidelines. In the UK this is the CAP Code; in the US it is CARU.

The SAFE AD review process

If you choose to use our SAFE AD review process, AwesomeAds will guarantee kid-safe advertising via a 3-stage human review process. No ad goes live without being manually vetted for age-appropriateness, ad content compliance (CAP & CARU) and technical compliance with COPPA and GDPR-K.

Brand Review Technical Review Creative Review

Once reviewed, every ad is stamped with the 'SAFE AD' watermark, which is an industry guarantee that the given ad is indeed 100% kid-safe.

additional benefits

  • Access to our in-house compliance experts
  • Premium brands and campaigns from the largest brands in the world
  • Omnichannel Marketplace coverage across all devices - Mobile, Desktop, OTT